The mission of Padres of Mundo Verde JF Cook is to promote our children’s educational success and happiness by engaging and empowering families to actively participate in the school community. We seek to create effective communication with school leadership and support Mundo Verde’s mission of educational excellence, bilingualism, and community stewardship.

Padres fosters a sense of community throughout the school through parent advocacy, support of educational programs, encouragement of volunteerism, and fundraising. All families are members of Padres, and there are no dues to participate.

Padres Leadership

  • President: Kathrin Frauscher

  • Vice President: Jacqueline Walters

  • Community Lead: Concetta Aires

  • Treasurer: Natalya Scimeca

  • Secretary: Ori Fox

2022/23 Committees

The Governance Committee aims to support restorative justice, teacher retention and school accountability at MV.

The Inclusion Committee supports outreach to other school- and neighborhood groups and in creating an inclusive community at Mundo Verde. We will support Padres and the school community to advance equity and inclusion. This includes Neighborhood Engagement.

The Events Committee creates opportunities for families and school staff to come together and build community through events and other activities at Mundo Verde. Teacher appreciation and sustainability will be incorporated into everything we do.

The classroom liaisons support teachers and families to have strong communities, collaboration and communication. We will cover topics such as classroom open communication , teacher appreciation, field trips, volunteering, class speakers and anything else that classes would like to work on.

  • Affinity Group for Caregivers of Black Students: Erin Pitts

The Affinity Group aims to respond to some unique needs/circumstances of Black students at MV, regardless of who their caregivers may be.

The Neighborhood Safety Committee aims to focus on improving the safety of the local MV neighborhood.

The Enrichment committee aims to build out and support after-school, summer and other programming that enriches our school community. We will work with the after-school program and other organizations to offer more and richer content for our kids.

The academic committee supports all students to achieve strong learning outcomes in Spanish and English. We want to obtain more support for curriculum development, professional development and any other appropriate support for students. The Academics and Extracurricular committees will work on this with teachers, school leadership and other organizations

The fundraising committee support raising funds for MV Padres events and purchases.

The Continued Immersion committee aims to expand options for families who want to continue Spanish immersion education after 5th grade. As DCI admission will no longer be guaranteed for all Mundo Verde students after 2025, we want to work with school leadership, families and potentially other schools to develop paths for continued bilingual education for our kids.

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Read the current bylaws, adopted October 22, 2018

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