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Ways to Stay in Touch

Code of Conduct: To ensure the Padres continues to foster a welcoming environment, we aim to make all communication channels respectful, inclusive, and focused on action. To reflect these ideals, we have updated our code of conduct. We thank our Equity and Inclusion Committee for their effort in putting this together. We encourage everyone to take a few minutes to review the document.

Contact MV Padres Leadership

Either fill out the Anonymous Feedback form or email: We will try to respond within the week.

Weekly Boletin Familiar

Padres includes important announcements in the email sent by the school to all families.

Padres Email List

Please ask to join our GoogleGroup.

Facebook Groups

Mundo Verde Families

WhatsApp Groups

For access to grade-specific groups, email

Padres WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp Group for Caregivers of Black Students

While WhatsApp Groups will go unmonitored, we expect and require civil conversations that show respect for all others in the group. If the privelage is abused, Padres leadership reserves the right to remove your WhatsApp communication capabilities.

Caregiver Contact

Check the list to see who your child's parent liaison is (use the families password for access)

There is also a school family directory by grade (use the families password for access)

Check the blackboards in the lobby of La Casa and La Casita

Please Reach Out

The Padres hopes to serve as resource for families at MV and to foster an environment where everyone feels welcome and supported. If you or your family needs support (either emotional or financial, i.e., crowdsourcing) or a place to share good news, plesae email the Padres ( to make sure your voice is heard.