Neighborhood Safety

Mundo Verde's Neighborhood Safety Comittee strives to make the local neighborhood a safe and friendly place for kids to learn.

Report your own testimonial: For many of our initiatives, officials have asked for bundled evidence and photos.

Sign the Petition to Demand Safe Routes to School: DC students deserve to travel to and from school via safe routes, free from worry of being subjected to traffic violence. DC families and school communities continue to call on city officials to implement the infrastructure development and enforcement of laws and regulations to make travel to school safe. Once more, we demand that city officials use all tools available to rectify this shameful situation.

Here are a variety of additional resources for how you can get involved withot getting involved in politics.

Join the Neighborhood Safety Committee: Eva Melis and Dawn Collins. Join WhatsApp here. Join email listserv.

202 March for Peace

Become a Mentor at the Capital Guardian Youth Challenge Academy

DC Mental Health Hotline: 1-888-WE-HELP

Office of the Tenant Advocate: Technical advice and other legal services to tenants regarding disputes with landlords

NARC Cure the Streets