Welcome to Padres of Mundo Verde!

We are the parent organization of Mundo Verde PCS at J.F. Cook campus. All parents, grandparents, and caregivers who have children at Mundo Verde are members — and when we all contribute through volunteering, attending events, or joining a committee, our school community thrives.

It’s easy to get involved! Just click below to let us know you’re interested:

The parent organization of Mundo Verde empowers families to actively participate in the school community.


Tues Sep 27 (confirmed), 5:30pm, MV Padres Kickoff Meeting: Padres will hold their first meeting with all caregivers IN PERSON at the MV Cook Garden. Free Dinner will be provided. This will give you the opportunity to discuss goals, express concerns, and join committees.

Wednesday, September 28th at 8:30pm we will hold an ONLINE Version.

Committees focus on particular needs within the Mundo Verde community, and meetings are open to all. Please see a full list here.

PADRES historically met every 6 weeks to provide updates about events, committee activities, and volunteer opportunities.

Use these links for resources and answers to common questions about Mundo Verde.