Much of the work of Padres happens through committees. Committees focus on particular needs within the Mundo Verde community or aspects of Mundo Verde’s mission.

Committee meetings are open to all. Please come to a Padres meeting or email us at if you would like to join a committee.


Kristi Maiselman & Meredith Rucker Hunter, Co-chairs

Partners with Mundo Verde school leadership to raise funds that target specific investments in the school and its mission. See the Padres Fundraising page for more about this year’s goals and events.

Staff Appreciation

Anna Weaver & Megan Olsen, Co-chairs

Focuses on ways to express support and appreciation to Mundo Verde teachers, with a significant focus on Teacher Appreciation Week in May.


Cara Hosler-Smythe & Sarah O’Connell, Co-chairs

Supports the Mundo Verde Curriculum, Operations and Outreach Team to provide an economically, socially, and environmental sustainable quality of life.


Natalya Scimeca, Chair

In need of co-chair

Aims to provide assistance and support for the school’s ongoing arts education program, and to encourage and support the school in plans to enrich the program over the longer term.


Nyaka Mwanza, Chair

In need of co-chair

Connects the Mundo Verde community through a variety of platforms and mediums to ensure maximum accessibility by all families. Manages and creates content to further Padres goals and Mundo Verde community priorities.


Allison Winter & Stella Chiang, Co-chairs

Identifies and plans events and opportunities for Mundo Verde families to connect and socialize outside of school.

Room Parents

Adrien-Alice Hansel, Room Parent Lead

Room Parents support teachers with classroom needs and activities, and facilitate communication between parents and teachers and between the school administration and parent community.

Culture & Community

Alberto Dominguez, Chair

In need of co-chair

Focuses on building and supporting a diverse Mundo Verde culture and community based on trust and respect by addressing critical school-wide topics.

Community Service

Alex Wisotsky & Cecilia Cupril, Co-chairs

Identifies opportunities for the Mundo Verde community to join together in efforts to serve. See the community service page for more about our current activities.

Academics & Learning

Jessica Leader, Chair

In need of co-chair

Work on an emerging committee with families, teachers and administration to ensure that all Mundo Verde students have access to an excellent education